The Intelligent
Electric TRANsit

Last Mile Connectivity Solution

TieTran ROVE


TieTran ROVE is a unique Product and is first of its kind. It is the World’s Lean & Green Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) System. It is an on-demand Autonomous electric guided PRT System providing Connected, affordable and shared last-mile mobility solution. It is solar powered E-Pod running non-stop from origin to destination at predetermined speeds on a dedicated track in an Enclosed Tube Structure. TieTran technology is unique in terms of Electronic Pod, Solar Powered Battery-less Zero-Emission system, Intelligent Navigation system, offline stations and smart in-vehicle Route Switching. It’s Business Uniqueness Are Unit Economics in terms of vehicle and infra costs, Modular Quick Construction, Near-Zero Land Acquisition, No usage of fossil fuels, Rapid Scalability and Optimum LCC.

TieTran – Transforming INDIA


Emerging India is laying smart foundations for the future. Rapid urbanization (approx 600 million by 2030) warrants efficient, smart and sustainable mobility solution to serve this urban population. Public Infrastructure currently implemented or planned for the urban cities lack in terms of last mile connectivity.

The present pattern of high individual vehicle usage is leading to traffic congestion, pollution thus affecting city’s liveability. Indian cities currently stand at low positions in World’s Healthiest and Happiness Rankings. Seamlessly integrated mobility is a must to encourage public transportation. Capital intensive solutions, warrants road widening, structures dismantling and displacement of people which further adds to urban sprawl and increase in trip length. Thus it is important to provide mobility solutions which are cost-efficient, affordable, equitable, healthy and sustainable.

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