The Intelligent
Eco-Transport System

Last Mile Connectivity Solution

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The Intelligent
Eco-Transport System

Last Mile Connectivity Solution

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TieTran Cycleloop Brief


TIETRAN – The Intelligent Eco Transit System is an Autonomous Guided Personnel Rapid Transit system with “Fitness First” concept at its core. This is basically a self-balancing E-cycle on dedicated lean elevated tubes running on DC conductor Rail . TieTran vehicles booked through smartphone application establishes the identity of the user, selects the best route based on origin and destination, move autonomously at predetermined speeds. Intelligent computer linked to central server responds automatically for acceleration, cruise speed, braking, warnings etc. The system primarily aims to provide last mile connectivity to-fro Metro Rail Stations and other mass Public Transit systems and Intra Mobility Solution within large Campuses.

Use Cases

TieTran Infrastructure

TieTran Cycleloop Passenger Capacity
Passenger Capacity Lanes
2000 1+1
4000 2/2
6000 3/3
9000 4/4
12000 5/5
15000 6/6

Lightweight Dedicated multiple guided lanes for the vehicle to move with zero/minimal handling.

Sensors on the vehicles and guideways with automated switch control to enable safe and quick switching facilitating higher throughput for the system.

Elevated Compact frame design, housing the electric vehicle motor and battery/power supply to facilitate power assisted ride.

Vertical rotating stacking arrangements at stations for storage/retrieval of vehicles.

Bi-level structure for independent movement of to & fro vehicle traffic.

AC bi-level tube with a distinctive air flow system between the stations aiding rider movement.

The AdvantagesBattery-Less Electric Cycles

Specially Designed, Developed & Manufactured E-Cycles by our highly Talented and Focussed R&D team. Autonomous e-bike in a semi-controlled environment with self-balancing ability combined with smart switching and intelligent algorithms makes it the most convenient, safe, lean and clean mobility disruption. Electronics in e-bikes intelligently communicates with field sensors & central process control and travels autonomously from origin to destination at pre-determined speeds. DC 3rd rail power supply to BLDC motor facilitate comfortable power assisted ride.

As a commuter, you won’t arrive to work sweaty and out of breath. You’ll arrive refreshed and relaxed with no need to shower or change clothes before work.

No more Parking woes! You no longer have to circle the block in search of a spot or pay for expensive city parking.

No more waiting in traffic. Reduce stress and exposure to polluted air by not spending hours parked on the road!

Electric bike that beats the speed of public transportation! This is a great alternative to your usual commute.

Urban Lifestyle & FitnessThe need for fitness in the urban lifestyle

Even with the electric motor, you will become more active and achieve your fitness goals by manually pedaling when you can and switching to the electric motor when you are tired.

Demanding urban lifestyle with lack of time for fitness and health like walking, cycling, aerobics, and gyms.

Air & Noise Pollution caused by motorized vehicles (impacting both the environment and human health).

Lack of proper pedestrian footpaths, cycling tracks etc. for last mile connectivity.

Rather than having a regular bike collect dust in your closet, you’ll find yourself looking forward to the next ride on the Tietran because of the reduced pain point of not having to always pedal.

Biking helps improve coordination! This keeps your mind sharp and can impact all areas of your life – from interaction with energetic, young loved ones to general physical ability.

Even if you haven’t ridden a bike in years. The electric motor is there for you to rely on. Your commute will be less stressful, resulting in a calmer beginning to your work day that will carry through until it’s time to bike home. The benefits of Tietran are quite remarkable!



TieTran – Transforming INDIA


Emerging India is laying smart foundations for the future. Rapid urbanization (approx 600 million by 2030) warrants efficient, smart and sustainable mobility solution to serve this urban population. Public Infrastructure currently implemented or planned for the urban cities lack in terms of last mile connectivity.

The present pattern of high individual vehicle usage is leading to traffic congestion, pollution thus affecting city’s liveability. Indian cities currently stand at low positions in World’s Healthiest and Happiness Rankings. Seamlessly integrated mobility is a must to encourage public transportation. Capital intensive solutions, warrants road widening, structures dismantling and displacement of people which further adds to urban sprawl and increase in trip length. Thus it is important to provide mobility solutions which are cost-efficient, affordable, equitable, healthy and sustainable.

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